All Age Service

This is an informal service of worship with music led by the Music Group, when people of all ages worship together as God’s family and explore a theme which helps them relate faith and life.

Holy Communion

A service of worship in which we remember the Last Supper that Jesus ate with his disciples, by recieving the bread and wine of Holy Communion or a blessing at the communion rail. Music is led by the choir and organ.
Note: Unless otherwise stated, Holy Communion services use the ‘Common Worship’ format, published in 2000.

Morning Prayer

A traditional morning service from Common Worship with hymns and canticles led by choir and organ.

Morning Worship

A less formal morning service from Common Worship with hymns and songs led by choir and organ, including space for reflection and response.


A traditional morning service without Communion from the Book of Common Prayer, with music led by choir and organ.

Evening Praise

An informal service for adults with music led by the Music Group, with sung praise, a sermon and a prayerful response linked by a theme.


From the Book of Common Prayer, a traditional service without Communion with music led by the choir and organ.

baptisms and thanksgiving

but currentlyBaptisms & Thanksgiving Services

Christening, also known as a Baptism, marks the start of someone’s life as a member of the Church. By bringing a child to Church for a Christening as parents and Godparents you are showing that you would like to turn to God and bring your child up in the Christian faith. At this service you and the Godparents will be asked to confirm your decision to do this. If you would like to say thank you to God for your child, but do not feel able to make these commitments, you may consider asking for a Thanksgiving Service.

A Thanksgiving Service is to say thank you to God for the gift of a child. In it you come into God’s presence to acknowledge his gift to you and to ask his blessing. Instead of Godparents, the child has supporting friends or family members who stand alongside the parents.

Both a Christening and a Thanksgiving usually happen during a normal Sunday service or at a later time on a Sunday, typically 12:30pm or 1:00pm. However, it is always a public service and is open to anyone to attend. Members of the Church congregation are encouraged to attend so that you as a family are supported by God’s people. This is especially important for a Christening because the child is joining the Church.

Everyone who lives in a parish has the right to be baptised at their parish Church and you can be Baptised at any age. When we recieve your enquiry we will send you a form to complete and arrange for the clergy doing your service and one of our Baptism visitors to visit your home. At this visit we begin to get to know you, discuss the meaning of Baptism and Thanksgiving . We will leave you a booklet to read and keep in contact with you.

Please email Jeanette Williams or telephone 01482 845323 with your enquiries about Christenings or Thanksgiving Services.

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Wedding Services

We welcome enquiries regarding arranging your wedding at one of our four churches. Getting married is one of the most importnat decisions of our lives and there are choices to be made about where to be married. Some people making the decision to be married in church because it begins their married life in an act of Christian worship, in the presence of God and surrounded by the love and support of family and friends.

As in any Church of England parish there are a number of eligibility criteria which we will advise you of, but as a general guide you or your parents should live in the parish, be or have been a regular worshipper, or have some other strong and recent link to the parish. Please contact us with you enquiries.

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