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25th April  9.30   Holy Communion,  All Hallows, Walkington. Recorded and available from late morning.

Dear Friends

Can I start by, again, saying thank you to the Church wardens for the way they have worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone has received the support they need. They have placed themselves in some difficult situations to ensure people could come to Church in the safest possible way. I think they should receive our support and thanks.

I would also like to thank our Readers, RPA’s and retired Priests.

I am pleased to announce that we are re-opening our Churches for services where people can gather and give thanks.

This is going to be a phased approach;

Sunday 23rd May 9.30 am   St Michael’s, Skidby   Holy Communion  (Pentecost) –live streamed

Sunday 30th May 9.30 am    St Peter’s, Rowley    Morning  Worship –not recorded

Sunday 6th June 11 am   All Saints, Bishop Burton   Morning Prayer 

please note the timing is different-not recorded

Sunday 13th June 9.30 am    All Hallows, Walkington   Holy Communion –live streamed

Sunday 20th June  9.30 am  St Michael’s, Skidby  Holy Communion–live streamed 

Sunday 27th June    Services resume in all four churches

Funerals will continue within current guidelines and again I thank all those involved.

Weddings and baptisms are happening in accordance with guidance.

Please note that all services will be livestreamed and will be available on the Four Towers Website and Facebook page.

Four Towers Website



YouTube (for recorded services)

My weekly sermon will still be circulated by email to those who wish to receive it. Our Readers have offered their sermons to be circulated as well.

Compline will be recorded most evenings and this service is also available on the Website, YouTube or the Facebook page.

On Monday and Thursday at 8.30am Revd Marjorie Hill leads Morning Prayer on Zoom.  If you would like to join this, ring Marjorie on 840544 for the link.

On Tuesday at 9.00am Jeanne Barton leads Morning Worship on Zoom.  If you would like to join this, ring Jeanne on 868865 for the link.

On Friday at 9.00am the Benefice Readers lead Morning Worship on Zoom.  If you would like to join this, ring Alison Penton on 871753 for the link.

In addition the Methodists in Walkington organise a Zoom Service on a Sunday-Kathryn Knox is the contact point. They may have further plans in mind and Kathryn is the person to speak to.

Pastoral support I feel is more than ever required. This was an area we were concerned about as people who came to church relied on that point of contact. If you or someone you know would value a telephone call during this time or renewed isolation, please ring me (David) on (01482) 864630.

The decision to close our churches was not taken lightly.  But we now need to move forward. We are a worshipping community and being together in worship is an important part of being a church family. We will continue to hold one another’s safety in our keeping as we slowly return to worship in our churches.  We continue to follow Government Guidelines until

27th June.

With Love and Blessings


  • APCM – All Saints Bishop Burton 11th May 2021, 7pm, in church
  • APCM St Peters Rowley Tuesday 18th May 2021 7pm in Church
  • APCM – All Hallows Walkington Thursday 20th May 2021, 7.30pm, in church
  • APCM – St Michael’s, Skidby, Wednesday 26th May2021 , 6.30pm, in church

Other notices

Harvest 2020

During October we will celebrate Harvest through our Holy Communion Services which start at 9.30am.

In the weeks leading up to the Service you may wish to bring tinned food for your Harvest Offering, even on the day of the service. These items will be sent to Local Foodbanks and at Skidby will go to Donnington Court, Sanctuary house in Hull. In these times these gifts are really needed as more families and individuals face an uncertain future and we need to help as much as possible.

These gifts will be acknowledged and blessed in the service and by the giving.

Services in October

  • 4th October 9.30am St Michaels Skidby (to leave gifts during week ring Jeanette Williams 01482845323)
  • 11th October 9.30am St Peters Rowley/Little Weighton
  • 18th October 9.30am All Saints Bishop Burton
  • 25th October All Hallows Walkington

Many Thanks

Revd David H Messer

Remembrance Sunday

On Remembrance Sunday 8th November an Act of Remembrance will take place outside each Church check times of start nearer the date on the 11th November at Walkington Memorial Wood – Wednesday 11 November commencing 10.50am

There will be a short act of Remembrance led by Rev David H Messer at Memorial Wood with a wreath being laid.

All are welcome to attend but please bear in mind that social distancing must be maintained.

Also Christmas is not cancelled we will celebrate in a safe way whether in Church or not.

Blessings David

Walkington Virtual Open 2020 Gardens Update

Hi Everyone

After such beautiful weather this spring it would have been a pleasure to open some of the village gardens to visitors in order to fundraise. As this was not possible a ‘virtual gardens’ project was suggested and several gardens, including the church paddock and allotments were filmed.

The completed films plus a giving page created by Nigel Penton can be found on the Benefice website and Facebook page.

Please pass on this information to friends and family spreading the word as widely as you can.

Many thanks.

Take care and keep safe.

Anne Kirby
PCC Secretary

Walkington Virtual Open Gardens 2020

Thank you to all our lovely villagers who have taken the time to film their gardens for our Walkington Virtual Open Gardens 2020.

We have now set up a give a little page and a QTR Code to help raise money for Dove House Hospice and for the Church, which can be found on our Facebook Page.

We have chosen to donate 50% of all donations to Dove House Hospice as they do so much and have taken great care of our fellow villager and much loved member of our choir Harry Allon, through this testing time.

All Hallows Give a Little Page, or to use the QTR Code simply point your camera or tablet at it, with amount to offer by the payer.

Latest Opening Times

I have just had confirmation of the opening times of churches starting this week. Please see times below:

All Hallows’ Walkington

Open every day

St Peter’s Rowley

Open every day

All Saints Bishop Burton

10:00am – 4:00pm Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

St Michaels Skidby

10:00am – 2:00pm Tuesday and Saturday

All for Private Prayer

Please do follow the health and social distancing Guidelines.

We are easing back into some opening, but we do need to consider all aspects.

Blessings to all those who helped prepare the churches for the opening.

Many thanks
Revd David H Messer

Domestic Abuse Support

domestic abuse services in East Riding

Please reach out for support if you are or know a victim of domestic abuse. We will listen and help you. #YouAreNotAlone. Please click here to download the poster.


Good Afternoon,

I am now uploading to YouTube which you can view here if that helps some people. Please do share hopefully we can reach out to each other in prayer and fellowship through all different ways.

Thanks David

Funeral Services

In the midst of all the information coming out about places of worship etc. one area which I need to confirm and reassure although a difficult subject one to broach at this time. Funerals can and will take place. Priest’s, Minister’s and Celebrants can take a service albeit with limited attendance, either in a Crematorium or in a Church Yard or Cemetery. Some people have contacted me and been very concerned about this. Its a tough subject to discuss, but we want to do the best we can to support pastorally the bereaved, the family and friends in the best way possible.

Revd David Messer

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