COVID-19 2020 Benefice Updates

15th March 2020

Dear Friends

COVID 19: We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure all the members of our communities are safe, cared for and supported. The Churches will remain open. We will meet. We will celebrate.

If people need to self isolate because of Government statements then I will visit if neccessary - we need to make sure those who are being frightened or are scared are supported.

Common Sense will prevail and if things are cancelled then there must be a good reason. Rest assured all matters are being considered carefully.

Be Loved, Be Supportive and Be Aware

Revd David H Messer

16th March 2020

Good morning

Following on from my post yesterday, I shall be meeting with the Church Wardens to put in place measures where we can maintain our services within the Church, but more importantly provide support for those who are concerned by current events. I will share those after Wednesday.

In the mean time if you need support please dont hesitate to contact me 01482 864630 just for a chat.

We also want to encourage that we ensure our neighbours and communities are both safe and supported.

Over the weekend we had a large number of events where people came and in that sense of community we were able to support one another. I know some people are concerned so again I am here if needed, we will further develop support networks and groups where we can.

Revd David H Messer

18th March 2020

For regular Covid-19 updates for the Benefice please follow our facebook page

19th March 2020

The Benefice of Walkington, Skidby, Rowley and Bishop Burton

Dear Friends

The Archbishops’ have sent a letter regarding the Suspension of Public Worship-following Government advice. Public Worship is suspended so we will be discussing with individual couples about Marriage. Funerals will continue in a safe and pastorally sensitive way. Regarding Baptisms we can consider Private Baptisms during this period but we do understand that many may consider postponing.

Let me firstly reassure you the churches will be open for prayer and time for reflection. I will be at each Church throughout the days to pray for each and everyone of you. On every Sunday I will be in any given Church for prayer if you’re there please join me bearing in mind social distancing guidelines. I will also be available when I ride around the villages on my bicycle/Vespa or in my car.

I have already spoken to the shops in Little Weighton, Walkington including the Walkington Whats App group in Walkington led by Jennifer Quinn 07398451826 who is working closely with the shop and Bishop Burton and the Half Moon Pub in Skidby, plus the Ferguson Fawsitt who will arrange delivery of items needed and like many others I have offered my services in delivering parcels whenever ordered by people who are in self-isolation. I want to thank them for this service, and to all those I haven’t spoken to who are offering their services.

I am so grateful to those who have done so much already and offered their services in helping others. Please think about and pray for our NHS and Emergency Services at this time.

I would like us all to work together to help one another in this situation and if the Parish Council or other groups wish to work with me and others the better we will be as a Community.

My details are at the bottom of this letter please feel free to contact me.

With best wishes and many thanks and Blessings
Revd David H Messer

The Rectory 2 little Weighton Road, Walkington, HU17 8SP
Telephone: 01482 864630

21st March 2020

* Covid-19 Continuity Plan: All Hallows Walkington Parish
* Covid-19 Continuity Plan: St Michaels Skidby Parish

23rd March 2020

Due to Government Advice, our churhes will not be open I will continue to do Morning and Evening Prayer and Eucharist online through our facebook page (

If anyone needs help please message me. I will be dropping off cards to those in the community who need help to know we are there to help.
Revd David Messer

24th March 2020

In the midst of all the information coming out about places of worship etc. one area which I need to confirm and reassure although a difficult subject one to broach at this time. Funerals can and will take place. Priest's, Minister's and Celebrants can take a service albeit with limited attendance, either in a Crematorium or in a Church Yard or Cemetery. Some people have contacted me and been very concerned about this. Its a tough subject to discuss, but we want to do the best we can to support pastorally the bereaved, the family and friends in the best way possible.

Revd David Messer

28th March 2020

Dealing with Loneliness and Isolation: Five Top Tips

10th April 2020

Good Afternoon,

I am now uploading to youtube ( if that helps some people. Please do share hopefully we can reach out to each other in prayer and fellowship through all different ways.

Thanks David

3rd May 2020

Please reach out for support if you are or know a victim of domestic abuse. We will listen and help you. #YouAreNotAlone. Please click here for poster.

14th June 2020

I have just had confirmation of the opening times of churches starting this week. Please see times below:
All Hallows’ Walkington open every day
St Peters Rowley open every day
All Saints Bishop Burton 10:00am - 4:00pm Sunday, Wednesday and Friday
St Michaels Skidby 10:00am - 2:00pm Tuesday and Saturday
All for Private Prayer
Please do follow the health and social distancing Guidelines.
We are easing back into some opening, but we do need to consider all aspects.
Blessings to all those who helped prepare the churches for the opening.
Many thanks
Revd David H Messer


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